French Canal Boat Trip

Join Tadji and John Kretschmer on the canals of France as we navigate through the beautiful countrysides and enchanting villages. Enjoy gourmet cruising while exploring regions rich in culture and history.

French Canal Trips Include

  • All expenses except transfers and shoreside meals
  • Breakfast, lunch, “Captain’s Hour”, dinner and snacks
  • Wine and spirits
  • Bike rental
  • Travel Consulting

Cost:  $2900/person (2017)

Contact Tadji for more info.

Upcoming French Canal Boat Cruises

September 2-9, 2017 Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A cruise along the Canal du Midi will take you from verdant canopies stretching across the canal, to charming chateaus offering the best of Languedoc wines.  Moseying along by canal boat is a great way to visit this region that is steeped in history and heritage. You’ll see stunning cathedrals, grand châteaux, ancient ruins and mediaeval cities. We will begin our cruise in Trebes.  From there we will cruise to Carcassonne, a beautiful fortified town. Some other towns we will visit are Homps, Argens-Minervois, Ventenac, Le Somail, and Narbonne where we will end our cruise.

September 16-23, 2017 Alsace: The Arzviller Experience

The highlight of this route is Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament.  The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  In addition to the sophistication of a large city, the region has an abundance of lush forests and bucolic French towns.  The bike paths along the canals are among the best. In Alsace you’ll experience a unique blend of French and German cultures.. We will cruise via 2 canals, Canal de la Marne au Rhin and Canal du Rhone au Rhin (which runs lateral to the Rhine River) We begin in Hesse, it’s right before the Arzviller Boat Lift.  Some towns we cruise through are Lutzelbourg, Saverne (location of Rohan Castle), Dettwiller, Hochfelden, where we’ll visit Meteor Brewery which is the oldest brewery in France, Brumath (which used to be the capital of Alsace), Strasbourg (where we will spend a full day), and we will end the cruise in Boofzheim.

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