Please read through all the following documents and forms.  Print and sign the necessary forms and return to Travels with Tadji, either by email  or by mail.


Mail:  Tadji Kretschmer

            DBA: Travels with Tadji

            P.O. Box 30328

            Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303

Enrollment Form

Please complete, sign, and return the Enrollment Form to  The 10% deposit can be sent via PayPal or by check.  Enrollment Form

Booking Conditions

Please read through the Booking Conditions that highlights all pertinent information in regards to enrollment, what’s included, what’s not included, passport/visa information and cancellation policy. Booking Conditions

Minor Travel Consent Form

Some countries require that travelers under the age of 18 present a Minor Travel Consent form at the airport, indicating that the participant has permission to travel with the group. Although France and England do not require this form, I think it’s best for the student traveler to carry this form just in case of any questioning. A parent or guardian must complete this form and have it notarized no earlier than 30 days prior to departure. Travelers must bring their Minor Travel Consent form along with them on tour.  Click here to download the form. Minor Travel Consent Form

Liability Waiver

Your child is traveling on a tour that includes one or more activities which requires the traveler to sign a waiver to participate.  Since your child is a minor (under the age of 18), it is required for a parent to sign the waiver for your child to be able to participate in the activities. Liability Waiver

Medical and Health Information 

This form helps ensure that your tour guides are aware of relevant medical information so they can address any situations that may arise on tour. It is important to fill out this form completely and accurately and return it your tour director prior to the tour. Medical and Health Information

Rules for Travelers on Global Girls Tour 

When travelers enroll in a Global Girls tour, they agree to the rules as outlined in the attached document. If travelers do not conform to these regulations or any specific rules set by their Tour Guides, they risk dismissal from the tour, returning home at their own expense with no refund for the missed tour portion. Decisions regarding tour dismissal are up to the Tour Guides. Please review the Rules, print, sign, and return to Travels with Tadji.  Rules for Travelers on Global Girls Tour

Safety Guidelines for Travelers

We strongly encourage parents to speak with their child about good decision-making and personal responsibility while on tour, as well as the importance of following all safety advice and instructions they receive. While your group’s Tour Director and Group Leader will work together to provide an enjoyable and safe tour experience, everyone in the group must cooperate and demonstrate good common sense while traveling. Please review the Safety GuidelinesSafety Guidelines for Travelers

Passports & Visas

Be sure the traveler has all their documents in order. Download the form to verify which documents you need. Passports and Visas

Prohibiting Alcohol Consumption

By signing this form, you acknowledge the decision that this traveler is not permitted to consume alcohol of any kind for the duration of the tour. Not adhering to this will result in disciplinary action including dismissal from the tour at the parent/guardian’s expense. Please review, print, sign, and return to Travels with Tadji. Prohibiting Alcohol Consumption

Tour Leave

This form needs to be returned to Travels with Tadji before departure if the traveler intends to leave the group to visit with family and/or friends. tour-leave

Special Travel Plans

For anyone requesting a different flight itinerary, please review the guidelines. Special Travel Plans

What to Expect from Your Guides 

What to Expect from Your Tour Guides

Bon Appetit – What to Expect from Meals

When I say, “this is not a typical ‘teen tour’”, you can expect meal times to reflect this as well.  Being culturally immersed during travels includes enjoying the culinary delights the country offers.  This is especially true of France.  The French have a love affair with food and meal times are central to an authentic Parisian experience. Click on the attached document for more information. Bon Appetit