Global Girls – Cultural Immersion Tours

Global Girls was born from my two great passions – Travel and Education.  Throw in my favorite cities and my unwavering commitment to enhancing the self-esteem and cultural awareness of young women, and you have the perfect recipe for a profound experience.

Mission Statement

I am a traveler and a teacher.

I have spent nearly twenty years in the classroom. I have taught middle school history, geography and civics. My role was to bring the curriculum to life and to empower my students with knowledge and a passion for the world. I led an acclaimed Model United Nations program where students learned about real-world problems and worked with scholars from the U.S. and around the world.

Travel is the enemy of bigotry” – Francis O’Donnell

Travel opens our minds and allows us to be accepting and appreciative of different cultures, ways of life, languages, foods, customs, etc. My travels have taken me around the world, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the savannas of South Africa, from the bazaars of Istanbul to the lagoons of the South Pacific, and from the street markets of Thailand to the biodiverse isles of the Galapagos. My journeys have proven to me that travel is about more than just acceptance or tolerance. Travel itself is the most transformative and enduring form of education.

When I returned from a summer of travel through Europe, or from weeks living aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean, I would regale my students with stories about the places I had been, the sites I had visited, the foods I had eaten, and the stories I’d heard. Now, with Global Girls Cultural Immersion trips I am eager to include young women in my explorations of our world. In many ways, girls of today face a global landscape filled with opportunity, and yet fraught with challenge. It’s never been more important for girls to explore their independence on a global scale.


Benefits of:

Global Girls – Cultural Immersion Tours

  • Development of leadership skills
    • Decision making
    • Responsibility and Independence
    • Getting along with others, cooperation, teamwork,
    • Promote positive values
  • Open doors to a deeper understanding of the world
    • Gain global perspective.
    • Learn to appreciate other cultures.
    • Learn to respect different customs.
    • Awareness of a new environment
  • Real – World Education
    • Bring your European History class to life.
    • Bring geography to life.
    • Use math to convert currency.
  • Broaden Your Horizon
    • See the world from another perspective.
    • Break out of your ‘comfort zone’.
    • Willingness to try new things
  • Expand your problem-solving skills
    • Learn to communicate even when you can’t understand the language.
    • Learn to navigate different forms of public-transportation.
    • Find your way in a foreign city using a map.
  • Hands-on Interactive Experiences
    • Cooking class
    • Meal preparation
    • Graffiti Workshop
    • Practicing a foreign language (begin developing before the trip)

Check-out Global Girls in Paris

A 10-day exploration of Paris in which girls have the unique opportunity to truly capture the essence of the City of Lights.  Together, we will undertake a customized journey that will awaken all of their senses through art, history, literature, cuisine, and fashion. We will also have a lot of fun along the way.

Global Girls in Paris

Check-out Global Girls in Italy

Our cultural immersion trip to Italy will introduce the girls to the wonders of Italy in the way only Global Girls can. We travel as a small group and we’ll see plenty of ancient wonders, but we will also engage will locals at every stop and as always leave room for unexpected discoveries as we make our way through Rome, Venice, and Florence.

Global Girls in Italy